The Holistic Approach to Health

As a holistic wellness coach  I will support and encourage you to step into your own light. I will work one to one with you and support you in your personal wellness goals. Focusing on mind, body and soul. Offering personal training, and holistic therapies. I will be your key motivator in helping you to stay on track to make healthy lifestyle changes

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Cultivate a healthy body, a quiet mind and a vibrant spirit

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A healthy lifestyle starts with you. As the Japanese proverb says when the student is ready the teacher appears. I believe in divine timing, I believe that when you are ready to fully embrace a lifestyle and mindset change this is when you really begin to level up. 

I am passionate about Health and Wellness. I started on my own journey 7 years ago. I was overweight, in a job I hated and I fell out of love with myself. I spent a few years healing myself and my relationship with food and began to fall in love with myself all over again. Personal Training for me was what I was passionate about from the moment I was placed on a squat rack. However as I began educating myself I found myself being drawn to the more Holistic Health practices as well as Personal Training. I began to really look at the full picture, In order to really make the shift we need to be in the right mindset, the right energy and the right timing. And this journey has brought me here. I am so excited to share this journey with you.




Love Laughter and Support

When we see our Wedding we visualise the perfect dress/outfit, the perfect location and well, the perfect person.
We have the date and we know all eyes will be on us. You will want to look and feel like a goddess as that is what you are.
I have created a Bridal Party Bootcamp for you and your team. Train together, laugh together and support each other. With weekly 1-2-1 sessions and a nutrition plan you can rest assured you will look and feel amazing.
If you have a wedding planned and you want to feel the best for that day and every leading to that moment. With no quick fixes. Let’s do this together

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I have been working with Claire for 2 months now and she has changed my way of life. As a Curvy girl trying to get fit (i have around 9 stones to lose) Claire completely put me at ease with her way of training that I wasn't used to. She is firm but very fair. I was completely paranoid about working out outside but Claire has been so patient and after only two months, I now work out where other people can see me and I don't mind one bit. The weekly check ins are to keep me accountable and in the first 8 weeks I've lost inches from everywhere and a total of 22lbs. Thank you so much I can't wait to see where the rest of our journey takes us!

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Claire Drysdale

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